for your business

The application process and valuation of the offer are free of charge, until the offer is made, which you decide whether to take it or renegotiate it if you consider it necessary.

"I did very well with the company, in fact I applied for my second financing and it was very fast approval. at first I was hesitant because of some comments here but it actually went very well and I think some comments we make are more because they don't finance but no one takes the paper to write good things when they give us good service."

Juliana Gallego—

Contractor and sole proprietor

Independent under a 1099

Yes, we offer financing for individuals who are independent contractors under a 1099. You can give us a number so a consultant can contact you soon and give you more information.

Business Owners

Company, general partnership, LLC, LLP, other

To acquire financing you only need to fill out an application and send bank statements for the last 3 to 6 months, no collateral is required and we do not look at your credit, only your monthly income.